PyCAC User's Manual

Updated Mar 07 2019

Copyright (c) 2017-2018 Georgia Institute of Technology. All Rights Reserved.

PyCAC, the concurrent atomistic-continuum (CAC) simulation environment, is a software suite that allows users to run CAC simulations and analyze data.

Currently, the CAC simulator and analyzer are written in Fortran 2008, with different parts of the workflow glued by a Python scripting interface.

A pdf version of this manual can be downloaded here.

This user's manual is maintained by Shuozhi Xu, Kevin Chu, and Alex Selimov. Kevin and Alex are current Ph.D. students, while Shuozhi is a former Ph.D. student and Postdoctoral Fellow with Prof. David L. McDowell at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

If you are interested in the PyCAC source code, please email Prof. David L. McDowell.

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