In a CAC simulation, a series of cac_cg_#.vtk and cac_atom_#.vtk files, containing the nodal/atomic position/energy/force/stress information, are created on-the-fly, with a frequency of output_freq. A model_cg.vtk file, a model_atom.vtk, and possibly some group_cg_#.vtk and group_atom_#.vtk files (when the total number of new group, restart group > 0) are also created in the beginning of the simulation. All these *.vtk files, with the legacy formats as opposed to the XML formats, can be read and analyzed by ParaView, which provides a variety of analyses. In most cases, a CAC simulation cell contains both the atomistic and coarse-grained domain, and so a pair of cac_cg_#.vtk and cac_atom_#.vtk files (with the same integer #) should be loaded into ParaView at the same time.