Graphical user interface

The PyCAC graphical user interface (GUI) is an application that simplifies the creation, submission, and analysis of CAC simulation projects. Written in Python 3, the PyCAC GUI provides a robust interface to facilitate parametric studies via CAC simulations without interacting with the Fortran code and to improve handling of input, output, and visualization options. The module works on local computers and serves as an interface with high performance computing clusters. In particular, the Python module consists of three main functionalities: Project creation, Existing project upload, and Result download/conversion.

If you are interested in the using the PyCAC suite for your research, please first email Prof. David L. McDowell for access to the separate CAC simulator package, then follow the installation steps.

The GUI is currently in its alpha release stage. For bug reports or questions relating directly to the GUI, please contact Alex Selimov or Kevin Chu