element mass_matrix intpo_depth
  • mass_matrix = lumped or consistent

  • intpo_depth = 1 or 2


element lumped 2
element consistent 1


This command sets the element type used in the finite element calculation in the coarse-grained domain.

For mass_matrix, the lumped type approximates the mass of each element and distributes it to the nodes; the consistent type distributes the exact mass over the entire element.

intpo_depth decides whether the first nearest neighbor (1NN) or the second nearest neighbor (2NN) elements are employed in the coarse-grained domain; their differences are illustrated in Fig. B26 of Xu et al., 2015.

The atomic mass is provided in the mass command.

mass_matrix.f90, integration_point.f90, and update_equiv.f90


element lumped 2