run total_step time_step
  • total_step = non-negative integer

  • time_step = positive real number


run 10000 0.002


This command sets the total step and time step of a CAC simulation.

total_step is the total simulation step of dynamic/hybrid CAC simulations or the total loading increment of quasistatic CAC simulations.

time_step, in ps, is the time step in dynamic CAC simulations, dynamic part in hybrid CAC simulations, and some quasistatic simulations when mini_style = fire or qm. It is also used in the fix command when assign_style = disp.

time_step becomes irrelevant when simulation_style = statics with mini_style = cg or sd.

When boolean_restart = t, the total_step is added to the time stamp read from the cac_in.restart file, instead of overriding it.

dynamics_init.f90, dynamics.f90, and hybrid.f90.


run 0 0.002