restart boolean_restart boolean_restart_refine
  • boolean_restart, boolean_restart_refine = t or f
    t is true
    f is false


restart f f
restart t f
restart t t


This command sets the restart styles.

When boolean_restart = t, the code reads the elements/nodes/atoms information from the cac_in.restart file; otherwise, the simulation cell is built from scratch and boolean_restart_refine becomes f regardless of it value set in this command.

When boolean_restart_refine = t, all or some elements in the coarse-grained domain are refined to atomic scale by linear interpolation from the nodal positions. Which elements to be refined depends on the refine_style.

When boolean_restart_refine = f, the refine command becomes irrelevant, in which case there is no need for the refinement information.

read_restart.f90 and write_restart.f90


restart f f