Installing PyCAC

Python version requirement

The PyCAC Graphical user interface (GUI) is written and tested on Python 3.6.5, but is compatible with newer versions when available.

To check the installed version on your system, from the command line:

$ python --version

Download and install

PyCAC may be installed directly from PyPi using pip:

$ pip install pycac
If you downloaded a PyCAC release from the GitHub, replacing V.v.v with the version number indicated in the filenames:
$ pip install pycac-V.v.v-none-any.whl
$ pip install pycac-V.v.v.tar.gz


Once installed, PyCAC needs to be configured to communicate with the compute cluster. This will also install the CAC simulator to the cluster:

$ python -m pycac --configure
Please ensure that the correct workload manager is selected in this step. PyCAC may now be used to create new CAC jobs.